Publication : International Conference
Topic:The influence of pulsed vacuum stimulation (PVS) on diffusion coefficients of calcium ion, surface textural properties, and microstructural characteristics of calcium alginate gel
Abstract:A number of novel applications of calcium alginate (CA) have been recently proposed. However, the gelation process of CA gel is time and energy consuming, as well as costly, leading to limited practical applications. This is partially attributed to the poor calcium ion diffusion rate under the ambient pressure. Presently, the application of puled vacuum stimulation (PVS) has been implemented as an alternative treatment to improve the diffusion behavior. Therefore, the utilization of PVS could be a promising strategy to enhance the rate of calcium ion diffusion in CA gel. In this study, we investigated the effect of PVS at different depressurization levels (8, 35, 61 kPa) and intermittent depressurized cycles (3, 6, 9 cycles at 35 kPa) on the diffusion coefficients of calcium ion (D), textural and microstructural characteristics of CA gel. The result showed that PVS increased the gel thickness (approximately 2-10%) and improved D by 1-3 times when compared with the control case that was processed under ambient pressure (~101 kPa). An increase of depressurization levels and intermittent depressurized cycles resulted in a significant increase of Young’s modulus of the CA gel, whereas surface rupture strength and shrinkage were decreased. This was because under depressurization, the internal air bubbles tended to move from the core toward the outer crust of the CA gel, leading to a more compact and dense core but a more porosity inside the outer crust of the CA gel. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) images exhibited the surface roughness and multiple layer formation in the outer crust of PVS treated CA gel. For an optimal performance, an application of PVS at the depressurization level of 35 kPa with 6 intermittent depressurized cycles was recommended because a more intense stimulation showed extremely poor D and created huge internal voids, which were caused by a merging of soluble gas in the CA matrix. Understanding the effect of PVS on the diffusion coefficients of calcium ion, structural and textural characteristics of CA gel is the key to accelerate the design of delivery system in food and biotechnological applications.
Author:59403801 : Miss Janjira Jinnoros
Asst. Prof. Bhundit Innawong, Ph.D
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