Publication : International Conference
Topic:Pookthamai, P.,Malaikritsanachalee, P., Choosri, W. and Choosri, T. 2016. Study on color kinetic of ripe mango in hot air drying. National & International Conference Nakhon Sawan Rajaphat University. 115. 10 August 2016. Nakhon Sawan. Thailand.
Abstract:Color is one of the most important quality attribute for acceptability of dried mango. In this research, the kinetic of color changes for ripe mango in hot air drying process were evaluated as a function of time and temperature at a constant air velocity of 1.5 m/s. Hot air drying process was performed in the range of 50-70˚C air temperature. The drying kinetic was found from drying curve that was the ratio of moisture ratio (MR) changes to drying time. Different values of three hunter color parameters (L*, a* and b*) were used to investigate the sample color during drying process for color kinetic study. The total color difference (∆E*) was calculated from the hunter color parameters and used as the indicators for color change of the samples. Then, the rate of the sample color change was calculated from ∆E*. From this result, it represented that the color of the sample was affected by the drying temperature. The maximum color changes of the final product at 50, 60 and 70oC air temperature were 15.02, 8.06 and 11.07, respectively. Considering the kinetic of drying and color, they revealed some physico-chemical mechanism of the sample color changes during the drying process.
Author:Asst. Prof. Touchpong Choosri, Ph.D.
57403803 : Mr. Pak Malaikritsanachalee
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Full Paper:Study on color kinetic of ripe mango in hot air drying(pdf)
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