Publication : National Conference
Topic:Chutimon Maraktham, Varumporn Ampordanai, Wacharee Sumanit and Parinda Penrog. 2556. Effect of alkaline on textural properties of konjac glucomannan and rice flour gel mixture. The 2 nd KMITL Agro-Industry Conference.30.
Abstract:Influence of the alkaline type on texture of rice flour gel, konjac glucomannan gel, and konjac glucomannan mixed with rice flour in the ratio of 80:20 and 70:30 is studied. Solution of alkaline, Na2CO3 and NaOH, were studied by preparing at pH 12. Textural properties of the gel were measured using Texture analyser by compression with P/50. The result showed that hardness of rice flour gel, using Na2CO3 solution, was not significantly different (p≥0.05) from konjac glucomannan. Hardness of konjac glucomannan mixed with rice flour gel significantly lowered than control (p<0.05). When NaOH solution was used, hardness of rice flour gel was significantly lower than konjac glucomannan (p<0.05). Hardness of the mixture of konjac glucomannan and rice flour gel (80:20) was not siginificantly different from 100 % konjac glucomannan gel (p≥0.05). Selection alkaline type can adjust gel texture of konjac glucomannan mixed with rice flour as needed.
Author:55403201 :
Asst. Prof. Parinda Penroj, Ph.D.
09520478 : miss Watcharee Sumanit
Full Paper:รายงานฉบับสมบูรณ์(docx)
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