Publication : National Conference
Topic:Romklao Chaochamnan. 2015. Study sweetness profile of some sweeteners. The 3 rd annual meeting of thailand sensory science and consumer research network 2015. 37-45
Abstract:This research aims to study the sweetness profile of mixed sweeteners (stevioside (S), thaumatin (T) and erythritol (E)) comparing with sucrose. Each sweetener was prepared at the concentration which gave sweetness similar to 10% sucrose (w/v). The 3 sweetenerswere mixed at various ratio and were evaluatedthe sweetness profile by using time intensity descriptive analysis. The results showed that mixed 3 sweeteners had different sweetness profile from individual sweetener. Mixed sweetener of S:T:E at ratio 10:80:10 significantly increased Imax (p0.05).Mixed sweeteners at ratio 21.67:21.67:56.67 and 10:10:80showed the sweetness profile which were closed to sucrose but still had significantly higher Tend than sucrose.
Author:56403216 : Miss Romklao Chaochamnan
Asst. Prof. Parinda Penroj, Ph.D.
Asst. Prof. Suched Samuhasaneetoo, Ph.D.
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