Publication : National Conference
Topic:Tanapa Aneknan and Sopark Sonwai. 2016. Zero- trans shortening using krabok oil, sunflower oil and rice bran oil. The 9th Silpakorn University International Conference on Academic Research and Creative Arts : Integration of Art and Science. 9, 24-30.
Abstract:Highly saturated fatty acid in Krabok seed oil (KSO) mainly 47.5% lauric lauric acid and 42.4% myristic acid was blended with sunflower oil and rice bran oil in weight ratios (KSF/SFO/RBO) of 20/60/20 (A1), 30/50/20 (A2), 40/40/20 (A3), 50/30/20 (A4) and 60/20/20 (A5) in preparation for the processing of a trans free shortenning. Study of physicochemical properties of oil blends revealed that when adding more of KSF content, saponification value and slip melting point increased but iodine value decreased. Analysis of solid-fat content (SFC) by p-NMR revealed that SFC of the oil blends increased with higher content of KSO. SFC profiles of A2 and A5 have some profile like commercial shortening and melted completely as the temperature approached 40 degree celcious indicating that not give waxy mouth feel when consumed. The study of melting and crystallization by DSC revealed 2 peaks for crystallization thermogram and 3 peaks for melting thermogram for all oil blends. When added more of KSF content, the peaks moved to the higher temperature side.
Author:57403207 : miss tanapa aneknan
Assoc. Prof. Sopark Sonwai, Ph.D.
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