Publication : National Conference (โครงการประชุมวิชาการบัณฑิตศึกษาระดับชาติและนานาชาติครั้งที่ 5)
Topic:Studying of Temporal Profile of Sweeteners
Abstract:Three types of non-caloric sweeteners used in this study were aspartame (APM), acesulfame-K (ACK) and sucralose (SUL). They have higher sweetness than sucrose about 180, 200 and 600 times, respectively. Study of concentration used and sweetness temporal profile in order to provide a sweetness similar to the original product were important. Therefore, the sweetness intensity of 10% sucrose concentration were as a reference for artificial sweeteners. The purpose of this study were 1. To determine the concentration of artificial sweeteners, which the sweetness intensity was closed to 10% sucrose. 2. To study the sweet temporal profile of sweeteners by using time intensity descriptive analysis. The results showed that the concentration of APM, ACK and SUL that provided the sweetness intensity close to 10% sucrose were 625, 1600 and 250 ppm, respectively. Time intensity curve of 3 artificial sweeteners shown the temporal profile in the increasing part closed to the 10% sucrose, while remained last longer than that of 10% sucrose.
Advisor:Asst. Prof. Suched Samuhasaneetoo, Ph.D.
Author:54403201 :
Full Paper:รายงานฉบับสมบูรณ์(pdf)
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