Publication : National Conference
Topic:The effect of modified starch on physical properties of Tub Tim Grob
Abstract:Over swelling or bloating is one of the problems of product consisting of tapioca starch surrounded with water such as Tub Tim Grob. When starch gel of Tub Tim Grob is swelling, texture becomes softand some pieces of starch gel ripped out from products. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to stabilize Tub Tim Grob using hydrocolloids combined with tapioca starch. Tub Tim Grob prepared from tapioca starch was compared to those containing tapioca starch replacement with modified starch, xanthan gum and guar gum. All samples containing Tub Tim Grob with coconut milk syrup was heated at 85 ºC for 2 minutes and kept at 4oC for 7 days. Changes in Tub Tim Grob was measured for pieces and coconut milk syrup gained weight, specific volumes, total soluble solids in syrup and texture of stach gel and Chinese water chestnut was observed. According to the experimental results, it was found that Tub Tim Grob samples containing tapioca starch replaced with 90% of modified starch B (distarch phosphate) had lower of gained weight and specific volume. It also had better texture of starch gel and pieces of Chinese water chestnut than other hydrocolloids and control (100% tapioca starch).
Advisor:Asst. Prof. Prasong Siriwongwilaichat, Ph.D.
Author:57403201 :
Full Paper:ผลของสตาร์ชดัดแปรต่อลักษณะทางกายภาพของทับทิมกรอบ(doc)
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