Publication : National Conference
Topic:Development of Heat and Mass Profile Monitoring Procedure for Post Frying Process in Chicken Nugget Using Thermographic Image
Abstract:The objective of this study was to monitor the heat and mass profile of fried chicken nugget after frying process using thermographic image. In addition, the physical properties including weight loss, surface temperature, color value, and glossy area were investigated. The chicken nugget was fried at 180 oC for 3 minutes and put it in the 2 different conditions, natural convection and forced convection with fan. The primary result on weight loss until 60 seconds after frying, which indicated to moisture loss in product, exhibited that the rate of weight loss rapidly decreased at the beginning of 20 seconds then became to equilibrium weight. Considerably, the changes in surface temperature profiles in natural convection could be divided into 2 types namely the center surface area, which covered for 8.43 percentages of total surface area, and the outer region of center surface area, ring zone. Nevertheless, the surface temperature profiles in forced convection with fan distinctively showed more consistency than the natural convection. The color values in terms of total color differences (∆E) were also monitored. The results showed that the changes of total color differences at the beginning to 60 seconds in natural convection had more than forced convection to 64.83 percentages. The glossy area, indicating the oil absorption into the product, at 60 seconds period in forced convection had more than natural convection to 33.48 percentages. Accordingly, these overall results could be the information for post frying management of fried foods to control the quality which leaded to develop commercially potential on quality approaching concept for further markets.
Advisor:Asst. Prof. Bhundit Innawong, Ph.D
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