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Conference program
   -Program (Open [DOC], [PDF])
Poster presentation
   -The location for poster presentation (Open)
   -For your poster presentation, a 90 x 120 cm partition board for poster exhibition will be provided. Setting the poster will allow on June 13, 2012, at 2nd floor BITEC Bang-Na, BKK, Thailand depending on which session you are.
Invited speaker

Special program: AIAC-JSFE Joint Symposium
June 14th  13.00 – 16.00 pm

JSFE (Japan Society for Food Engineering) Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Shuji Adachi, Ph.D.

    Division of Food Science and Biotechnology
    Graduate School of Agriculture
    Kyoto University , Japan

    - Utilization of subcritical water to food processing
    - Enzymatic synthesis of edible surfactants
    - Microencapsulation of lipids
    - Chromatographic separation of saccharides

  • Prof. Hidefumi Yoshii, Ph.D.

    Food Engineering Laboratory
    Department of Applied Biological Science
    Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University , Japan

    - Microencapsulation of food and pharmaceutical related ingredients by spray drying and the storage stability
    - Encapsulation of flavors by molecular inclusion in cyclodextrins
    - Crystal transformation of sugars by ethanol dehydration technique

    AIAC (Agro-Industrial Academic Council Association) Invited Speakers

  • Professor Athapol Noomhorm, Ph.D.

    Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology
    School of Environment, Resources and Development
    Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

    - Postharvest of Cereals
    - Postharvest of Fruits and Vegetable
    - Food Process Engineering
    - Food Bioprocess Technology

  • Associate Professor Sakamon Devahastin, Ph.D.

    Department of Food Engineering, King Mongkut,s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

    - Drying of foods and biomaterials
    - Processing and characterization of food biomaterials
    - Mathematical modeling
    - Particulate systems

     Food Innovation Asia Conference 2012 is concurrent with ProPak Asia 2012 which is one of the biggest food processing and food packaging machine exhibition in Asia.

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    14th - 15th June 2012        BITEC Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand