Publication : International Conference
Thussanee Plangklang and Pramote Khuwijitjaru. 2020. Subcritical ethanol extraction of oil from coconut meal. The 22nd Food Innovation Asia Conference 2020 (FIAC 2020) Future Food Innovation for Better Health and Wellness 18-20 June 2020 (ไม่มี full paper)
AbstractCoconut meal from coconut milk process still contains relatively high amount of lipid which can be further extracted using suitable solvent. This work aimed to evaluate the feasibility of subcritical ethanol extraction of oil from coconut meal in a batch-type vessel. Coconut meal with an oil content of 19.85% (w.b.) was treated with subcritical ethanol at various ethanol concentrations (80-100%), solvent-solid ratios (8:1, 10:1, and 15:1 v/w), temperatures (80120 °C), and times (045 min). The highest oil recovery (81.49%) was obtained from the extraction with 100% ethanol and solvent-solid ratio of 8:1 (v/w) at 100 °C for 45 min which did not significantly differ from those obtained at 120 °C for 1545 min. The oils obtained from every extraction condition was slightly yellow and clear. The chemical properties, including peroxide value, saponification value, unsaponifiable matter and fatty acid profile of the oils conformed to the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) standard, while free fatty acid values of all samples were above the maximum standard limit. The total phenolic content (g gallic acid equivalent (GAE)/g oil) and DPPH radical-scavenging activity (% inhibition) of the oils from the subcritical ethanol extraction at 100 °C, 45 min (47.80 g GAE/g oil, 51.06%) and 120 °C, 15 min (26.80 g GAE/g oil, 33.15%) were significantly higher than that of the soxhlet extraction using hexane for 45 min (13.67 g GAE/g oil, 8.45%). The results indicated that subcritical ethanol extraction has a potential to extract oil from coconut meal with a higher antioxidant activity compared to the conventional solvent extraction, in short extraction time.
Assoc. Prof.Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Ph.D.

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