Publication : National Conference
Tyrosinase inhibitory activity of extracts from agricultural by-products
AbstractTyrosinase is an enzyme in the group of polyphenol oxidase which is the main cause of enzymatic browning in fruits and vegetables. The enzyme catalyzes oxidation of phenolic compounds in raw materials into dark color pigment. The objective of this research was to evaluate the tyrosinase inhibitory activity of extracts from by-products of rice and corn including rice bran, rice husk, rice straw, corn stalk, corn husk, corncob, and corn silk. All by-products were extracted with distilled water at 40˚C for 1h. Two substrates for tyrosinase namely L-DOPA and L-tyrosine were used. The results indicated that corncob extract showed the highest tyrosinase inhibitory activities of 71.27%/10 mg dry extract and 35.19%/10 mg dry extract for L-DOPA and L-tyrosine, respectively.
AdviserAssoc. Prof.Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Ph.D.
AuthorMissPeangjai Lerdsri
Assoc. Prof.Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Ph.D.

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