Publication : International Conference
Neeranuch Milasing and Pramote Khuwijitjaru. 2020. Production of tagatose from galactose by subcritical aqueous ethanol. The 22nd Food Innovation Asia Conference 2020 (FIAC 2020) Innovation for Future Food and Nutrition Security. (ไม่มี Full paper)
AbstractD-tagatose is a rare natural ketohexose which can be used as a low-caloric sweetener. It can produce by an isomerization reaction of corresponding aldose, galactose. by 3 different methods, i.e. enzymatic, chemical, and subcritical fluid treatments. This work for investigate the isomerization galactose to tagatose under batch-type subcritical aqueous ethanol conditions in 10 mL vessel at substrate galactose concentration 5% (w/v), temperature 200ºC, ethanol concentration 60, 80, 95% (w/w) and residence time 0-20 minute. The solution after isomerization reaction was analyzed remaining sugars by RI-HPLC, 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) content by UV-HPLC and pH value by pH meter. The result shows the remaining of galactose decrease with increasing residence time, but increase with increasing ethanol concentration, at residence time 20 minute the remaining of galactose is 44, 58 and 82 % at ethanol concentration 60, 80, 95 % (w/w) respectively. The conversion of galactose increases with increasing the residence time, but decrease when increase ethanol concentration. Main product of isomerization galactose is tagatose and side product is talose, which it is epimer of galactose. The yield of tagatose increase with increasing residence time, which the highest at 6 for 60% (w/w) ethanol concentration at residence time 20 minute. 5-HMF and acid are byproduct of degradation reaction of monosaccharides, 5-HMF content increase with increasing residence time but decrease when increasing ethanol concentration. pH value slightly decreases with increasing residence time. The result indicates that, the ethanol concentration at 60 % (w/w) promoted isomerization reaction and degradation reaction. Nerveless, increasing ethanol concentration to 80 and 95% did not enhance yield of tagatose and galactose conversion. 5-HMF content and acid were found, that have a tendency accumulate with longer residence time.
Assoc. Prof.Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Ph.D.

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