Publication : National Conference
Effect of Chitosan Based Edible Coating Combination with Calcium Chloride and Ascorbic Acid on the Qualities of Fresh-Cut Mangoes
AbstractFresh-cut mango is a popular product for many consumers. However, its qualities normally deteriorated during storage such as decreasing in firmness, weight loss, changing in chemical composition and browning on the cut surface. These are important factors for consumer acceptance. The purpose of this research was to study the effect of chitosan coating in combination with calcium chloride and ascorbic acid on the prevention of browning and the quality changes of fresh-cut mango. Fresh-cut mango was coated with 0.5% chitosan in combination with 0.5% CaCl2 and 2% ascorbic acid (0.5% chitosan) and 1.0% chitosan in combination with 0.5% CaCl2 and 2% ascorbic acid (1.0% chitosan). The control sample was prepared as well. All samples were stored at a temperature of 4 degree C for 11 days. The results showed that a delay in browning and a reduction in weight loss was found in 0.5% chitosan treated mango slices. The pH, titratable acidity (TA) and total soluble solids (TSS) changed during storage. The results show that the application of 0.5% chitosan coating containing calcium chloride and ascorbic acid can prevent browning and maintain the quality of fresh-cut mango during storage for 11 days at a temperature of 4 degree C.
AuthorMissSupattra Sathianteerapap
Asst. Prof. Doungjai Thirathumthavorn, Ph.D.

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