Publication : International Journal (ISI)
Sopark Sonwai, Pawitchaya Podchong and Dérick Rousseau. 2016. Crystallization kinetics of coconut oil in the presence of sorbitan esters with different fatty acid moieties. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society. 93(6), 849-858.
AbstractSorbitan esters (SEs) are shown to strongly influence the solidification kinetics and fat crystal morphology, but not polymorphic behaviour, of coconut oil (CNO). Solid-state SEs (sorbitan monopalmitate, monostearate, and tristearate) affect both the high- and low-melting fractions of CNO by decreasing induction time and by increasing crystallization rate as well as the number concentration of crystals. Liquid-state SEs (sorbitan monoleate and trioleate) and canola oil do not specifically influence the high- or low-melting fraction of CNO but do slow crystallization and lengthen induction time. The influence of sorbitan monolaurate, the only SE with an acyl group similar to that of CNO, is shown to depend on the crystallization temperature. At temperatures below its melting point, it only affects CNO’s high-melting fraction; at temperatures above its melting point, crystallization of both fractions is extensively decelerated. The lack of influence in polymorphic behaviour by any SE confirms no alteration of subcell arrangement, suggesting a lack of complementarity with the crystallizing fat. Overall, these SEs significantly impact the crystallization kinetics of CNO; however, this largely depends on type and concentration.
AuthorMs.Pawitchaya Podchong
Assoc. Prof.Sopark Sonwai, Ph.D.

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