Publication : International Conference
Thamsala, T.,Boonrod, Y., Youngsaad, W., Mahayothee, B., Khuwijitjaru, P. and Janjai, S. 2016. Curcumminoids content in solor greenhouse dried Plai (Zingiber cassumunar). The 20th International Drying Symposium (IDS 2016), 7-10 August 2016, Gifu University, Gifu, Japan.
AbstractSolar greenhouse dryer is presently promoted for drying of Thai medicinal plants to reduce the risk of microbiological and aflatoxin contaminations caused by a traditional sun drying. Cassumunar ginger (Zingiber cassumunar) is one of important Thai medical herbs. Curcuminoid is the main yellow bioactive compounds in cassumunar ginger. It acts as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In this study, the curcuminoids content of solar dried cassumunar ginger rhizomes was investigated. Cassumunar ginger rhizomes were washed, removed the leaf sheath and transversely sliced into a thickness of 0.2 cm prior to drying in a greenhouse solar dryer. They were dried until the water activity of the dried samples is less than 0.60. The drying experiments were conducted in duplication. The drying temperatures in a solar dryer were in the range of 38-60˚C. The curcuminoids contents of the fresh and dried samples were determined using a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The drying time for drying cassumunar ginger slices from the initial moisture content of 76.05% to the final moisture content of 8.65% was 26 hours. The curcuminoids contents were decreased from 2.05±0.22 mg.g-1 d.b. in the fresh samples to 0.64±0.10 mg.g-1 d.b. in the dried products.
AuthorAsst. Prof. Busarakorn Mahayothee, Ph.D.

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