Publication : National Conference
Effect of Hydrocolloids on The Properties of Sterilized Khao Lam and Its Thermal Properties
AbstractAbstract Khao Lam is a traditional Thai dessert, presenting unique characteristic in flavor and texture. However, it has a high water activity (0.91) and can spoil after storage at room condition for a few days. In order to produce shelf stable product, heat treatment by sterilizing the product packed in pouch could be applied. However, it presented inferior texture, too stickiness and darken in color. This research had an objective to study the effect of hydrocolloids (carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and xanthan gum (XG) on the properties of sterilized khao lam and thermal properties of waxy rice prepared in coconut milk (khao lam formula) tested by differential scanning calorimeter. It was found that overall liking of the sterilized product without hydrocolloid (control sample) was scored as slightly dislike. It presented significantly different from the fresh sample (P<0.05). The sterilized product containing hydrocolloid provided the quality close to the fresh control sample. Its overall liking was scored as neither like nor dislike. In addition, the incorporation of hydrocolloids had no effect on gelatinization properties of waxy rice. The melting of amylose-lipid complex of waxy rice was found in the temperature range of 118.32- 130.62 degree Celcius. From this research, it could be concluded that CMC and XG could improve the quality of sterilized khao lam with no effect on gelatinization properties of waxy rice.
AdviserAsst. Prof. Doungjai Thirathumthavorn, Ph.D.
AuthorMr.Sarawut Chachikul
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