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Research :
Touchpong Choosri, Ph.D.
Year : 2020
  • Effects of Low Pressure Hot Air Drying on Drying Kinetics and Physicochemical Properties of Dried Ripe Mangoes
  • Pak Malaikritsanachalee, Withu Choosri, Touchpong Choosri. (2020) Study on intermittent low‐pressure superheated steam drying: Effect on drying kinetics and quality changes in ripe mangoes. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 44(9), e14669
    DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.14669
    Year : 2018
  • Effect of swirling air flow drying on color of ripe mango
  • Effect of temperature control in hot air drying on shrinkage and rehydration of ripe mango
  • Pak Malaikritsanachalee, Withu Choosri and Touchpong Choosri. (2018). Study on kinetics of flow characteristics in hot air drying of pineapple. Food Science and Biotechnology. 27(4): 1047 - 1055
    DOI: 10.1007/s10068-018-0357-6
    Year : 2016
  • Pookthamai, P.,Malaikritsanachalee, P., Choosri, W. and Choosri, T. 2016. Study on color kinetic of ripe mango in hot air drying. National & International Conference Nakhon Sawan Rajaphat University. 115. 10 August 2016. Nakhon Sawan. Thailand.
    Year : 2015
  • Malaikritsanachalee, P., Choosri, W., Pookthamai, P., and Choosri, T. 2015. Optimization of Convective Hot Air Drying for Ripe Banana. Proceedings of 17th Food Innovation Asia Conference 2015 : Innovative ASEAN Food Research towards the World. 18-19 June 2015. Bangkok, Thailand. pp. 516 – 521.
    Year : 2014
  • Evaluation of time-temperature combination for continuous milk pasteurization using thiamine marker
    Year : 2012
  • DSC Studies of the Folding of Adsorbed Proteins, NINETEENTH SYMPOSIUM ON THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES, June 24-29, 2012
    Year : 2010
  • Measurement of the Water Activity of Aqueous Solutions with FTIR Spectroscopy
    Year : 2009
  • Choosri, T., Koglbauer, G., and Wendland M. A New Method for the Measurement of the Water Activity or Relative Humidity by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. J. Chem. Eng. Data, 2009, 54 (4), pp 1179–1182 ACS
    Year : 2008
  • Choosri, T. and Wendland, M. 2008. Measurements of the Water Activity with FTIR Spectroscopy. Poster Presentation in ICPWS XV 2008. 8–11 September 2008. Berlin. Germany. Abstract
    Year : 2007
  • T. Choosri, W. Billes, J. Fischer, L. Geyerhofer, A.Jungbauer und M. Wendland. 2007. Thermodynamics of Protein Folding and Adsorption: Experiments and Molecular Simulation. Poster Presentation in 2nd International Symposium on Biothermodynamics, 21- 22 February 2007. Frankfurt. Germany.
    Year : 2000
  • Soontarapa K.,Touchpong C.," Transient Mass Transfer Modeling for Pervaporation of a Water Component", SCIRESCU 25(1), 187-195, 2000.
    Year : 1999
  • Touchpong C.," Transient Mass Transfer Modeling for Water Pervaporation : part I moving boundary", Proceedings of Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering and the 9th National Chemical Engineering Conference, Songkla, Thailand, (1999)

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